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IP Phone Hi, have access to free internet via WLAN ( Realtek RTL8187 device) also have IP phone that use DHCP. Q: Can the DHCP be routed to the LAN port on the laptop so I can connect IP phone ? any software to solve this ?? Laptop : Compaq Armada E500, XP HE BR Formulapro

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I am not sure Y\015\012want to go thru all the trouble of routing an IP or headset, when there R much\015\012simpler J\015\012and free or VERY low-cost ways of calling via online providers, even though\015\012this reply doesn’t answer your question, I thought it speaks to the ultimate\015\012goal, which I can only assume is free LD calling.. If you want to download a\015\012free, reliable, user-friendly dialer, you can download X-Lite, which you can\015\012find by Google-ing it, but, I believe you can download it @ download.com. There\015\012are a bunch of other dialing programs you can download for free too but be aware\015\012that they are not all fully-functioning vs (They want you to pay to upgrade for\015\012that)
\015\012\015\012There is also a\015\012free networking program you can get that will automatically find and configure\015\012your communications devices & service, as well as your computer(s) without\015\012having to enter any IP addresses or configuring DNS, eliminating the need for a\015\012DCHP server. You can download this @ http://developer.apple.com/networking/bonjour/
\015\012\015\012Together with a\015\012dialing program, such as X-Lite, which is used by at least some VOIP industry\015\012professionals, which is how I found out about it – you will be able to make\015\012your IP calls pretty simply. However, you need a VOIP account, which costs $ --\015\012they will assign you an actual VOIP phone number, like a hard phone in the real\015\012world. BUT, if U want to make free\015\012domestic US and free international calls to a number of SELECT countries – most\015\012of them are the same countries, with [perhaps] slight variations from provider\015\012to provider – for example, the US, Japan, Ireland, ,most other parts of Europe,\015\012Australia, and China, to name some. Further, call quality varies quite a bit\015\012from provider to provider. Non-select countries will cost, but the rates are\015\012WELL BELOW real world/landline rates or any calling card rates U R likely to\015\012find. Some providers require a download of their dialers- probably proprietary\015\012(but, free) -- and, if U plan to use their services with any regularity, you\015\012will need to subscribe [also free, at least most, if not all of them], and\015\012register – in your contacts list -- the phone numbers of the people you want to call. Depending on\015\012provider, you can make computer to computer (VOIP), computer to land line, land\015\012line to land line, land line to mobile, or mobile to mobile calls for free [to\015\012select countries – each provider has a list on their Website] or @ VERY, VERY %8\015\012 rates – as I said, that are WELL BELOW\015\012the rates people typically pay *e.g \015\012$0.17 per minute vs 2.1 or 2.3 cents per minute. Some you dial online,\015\012others you can use a hard or soft phone. I’ve made a number of calls between the US and\015\012Japan, all that were 100% free. Moreover, most, if not all of these services\015\012have a trial offer of a few $$s to $10 in calling credits and/or free trial\015\012minutes (from a few minutes to 100 min).
\015\012\015\012Now, make note of\015\012this little quirk in the trial credits. IF you call a “free” country and don’t use their little convoluted method\015\012for making 100% free calls – for example, one company requires that you call\015\012the person you want at the special local\015\012number that has been assigned to that international number; this person must\015\012also have an account with them, and then, once you connect with that person,\015\012you tell them to call you back, and s/he hangs up and calls you back @ the\015\012special local phone number they have assigned to your phone number {which is\015\012assigned when one “registers” the phone number in one’s contact list.}, while\015\012you stay on the phone; then, the both of you are connected free of charge, and\015\012you can stay on the phone as long as you want – even days, if you like. – even\015\012if the system tells you that you have 0 credits (in which case you stay on the\015\012phone until the phone lines connect – a couple of seconds at most) If, however,\015\012you don’t both have an account with them, or you don’t use this roundabout\015\012calling method, you will burn your free credits or will need to buy credits – I\015\012learned the hard way. (BTW, I recommend creating separate accounts for cell and\015\012landlines, so you can optimize the free credits/minutes you can get – IF you\015\012want to do it on the cheap, that is.) Or, if only one of you has an account, then\015\012you will be charged credits for THEIR side of the call, whether you or they initiated\015\012the call – it is not like real world calling, VOIP doesn’t have the same rules,\015\012policies, or procedures for calling, so, NEVER assume, always carefully read\015\012the fine print. Which brings me to the\015\012fact that some of the providers charge connection fees, others don’t. B sure to\015\012look carefully 2 see which ones charge “extra” fees. Another way you can call\015\012someone online is to use a chat/IM tool, like Messenger or Google Chat, which I\015\012prefer – you can make a Voice chat call with your headset or IP w/ Google’s\015\012chat tool. And, it is 100% free, but it is only computer to computer, not real\015\012VOIP. The chat tool/system merely gives you a virtual “place” to “visit” via\015\012voice. The upside is that you can view each other and talk at the same time if\015\012you have a Webcam -- however, both must be online and, appropriately equipped. –End part 1, to be continued in Pt 2
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IP Phone Hi, have access to free internet via WLAN ( Realtek RTL8187 device) also have IP phone that use DHCP. Q: Can the DHCP be routed to the LAN port on the laptop so I can connect IP phone ? any software to solve this ?? Laptop : Compaq Armada E500, XP HE BR Formulapro

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