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Laptop toshiba l300 series always shutdown pls. help me

Answers :

A large percentage of the time, this issue is directly related to the laptop is overheating.

Specifically the Processor. When the Processor becomes too hot, (Goes past it's Thermal Limit), it turns off.
This is a Fail Safe feature that is built-in, to keep the Processor from burning up.

The reason the Processor is overheating;

1) The inside of the laptop is dirty.
The hardware components inside a laptop are cooled by air.
There is a small Cooling Fan which draws air into the Air Intake Duct.

Foreign material such as Dirt, Dust, Hair, Food Crumbs, Lint, and other objects collect on the Cooling Fan, and in the Air Intake Duct.

The Air Intake Duct leads to a Cooling Tube, which in turn leads to a Heatsink.

A typical Heatsink is composed of a flat metal plate, which has tall fins protruding from it.
Heat is absorbed by the flat plate, and into the tall fins. The fins absorb the heat, and radiate it out.

Air drawn in by the fan, flows through the spaces in-between the fins, and carries the heat away.

The Heatsink is attached to the Processor, and may also be attached to the GPU.
(Graphics Processing Unit)

Once the Air Intake Duct, Cooling Fan, Cooling Tube, and Heatsink are clogged with the 'Gunk' mentioned above, the cooling capacity of the cooling system drops tremendously.

Solution is to remove the AC adapter (Charger), and the Battery.
A can of compressed air for computers is used, and the Air Intake Duct, and Cooling Fan are cleaned out with the air.

(Be SURE it is the intake side, and not the exhaust side. If you blow air in the exhaust side, you will be pushing the gunk back in, not removing it.

Your Air Intake Duct is on the bottom of the laptop, in the circular grille shape)

Attach the plastic straw to the can of air's nozzle.

Hold the laptop up on it's Left side, and the back facing you, on a \012towel placed on a table, with one hand.

Use the other hand for the can of air, and bring the plastic straw about a finger length away, from the Air Intake grille opening.

Use Short Bursts of air, as you are real close to the Cooling Fan. If you use a long burst of air, you may spin the fan faster than it was designed for, and cause damage to the fan's bearings.

A Short Burst of air is squeezing the trigger in all the way, then letting go.

Start at one side of that round opening, and go across to the other side. Come down in rows as you proceed.

After you are satisfied that the Air Intake Duct, and Cooling Fan is clean, lay the laptop down in it's normal position.

Prop the Left side up with a book on it's side, for about 10 minutes.
This will allow any moisture that may have been caused by the can of compressed air, to dissipate.

Now remove the book, reinstall the Battery, and plug in the AC adapter.

This link shows you - Disassembly of a Toshiba Satellite L355, or L355D laptop.
It is not an invitation to disassembling your laptop, I just want to show you the hardware components, I've been referring to above.

(It's part of the Toshiba Satellite L300 series of laptops)


Step 1 shows you the Air Intake Duct grille, and the Cooling fan under the grille. The round opening on the upper right side.
You can left-click on the photo to enlarge it.

The page numbers are on the bottom of the page.
Page1::Page2::Page 3::Find another model

Click on Page 2
Step 9 shows the Keyboard removed, and the top of the Cooling Fan.

If the above solution doesn't cure your problem, the laptop may have to opened up to this state, and the fan blades, and surrounding shroud, cleaned out.

You may feel this is beyond your ability. In any case, I am showing you what the computer repair tech will be doing.

The repair tech will be using a small soft bristle brush to dislodge the heavy gunk, then a can of air is used.

Q-tips can be used in a pinch to substitute for the brush, then short bursts with a can of air are used.

Page 3, Steps 16, 19 and 20 give you a bottom view of the Cooling Fan, and the shroud that surrounds the fan.
Step 20 shows you the Cooling Fan, the Cooling Tube, and the Heatsink.

The curved copper colored tube is the Cooling Tube.
There are two Heatsinks used.

One is at the left side, that has two screws circled in Red. Has a V shaped piece of metal on top, and an upside down V shaped piece of metal on bottom.
This Heatsink is for the GPU.

To the right of this Heatsink is another Heatsink with two screws circled in Red.
This is the Processor heatsink.
The Processor is underneath this Heatsink.

2) The laptop's Air Intake Duct opening is blocked.
The Air Intake Duct opening is on the bottom of the laptop.

Laying the laptop on your lap can block this opening.
The cooling capacity of the cooling system drops, the Processor overheats, and turns off.

Laying the laptop on a bed, couch, or directly on a carpet floor, can have the same effect.

3) The cooling system for a laptop is very inefficient.

All of the hardware components of a laptop are crammed into a small box, and a small fan is used to keep them cool.

To help the cooling system you can use a laptop cooler pad.
The cooler pad has fans built in it's base. Most are powered by plugging into a USB port on the laptop.

Below are a few examples. (Not an advertisement for the manufacturers, or the website)


System Restore tool provided on Toshiba Satellite Pro T110 laptop can help you to restore the system to an earlier date. The sudden shut down problem may occur if some important system files are missing. System Restore makes use of the backup copies of important files in the restore point to replace faulty ones that are causing the sudden shut down problem. Restoring the system to an earlier trouble free time will help get rid of the sudden shut down issue in Toshiba Satellite Pro T110 laptop.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for PC Laptops

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Laptop toshiba l300 series always shutdown pls. help me

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