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Overheating is generally cause by a clogged or dirty cooling fan. To clean the fan out I generally use some compressed air and a vacuum. Simply locate the cooling fan output on the outside of your laptop (usually on the left or right side of your laptop and sometimes the intake part of the fan is on the underside of the laptop). Once you locate the input and output of your fan turn off the laptop and blow the compressed air into the input and output and for extra cleaning I always take the hose of my vacuum and vacuum both input and output ports of the laptop. If you want to go deeper into the laptop and clean it on the inside here are several sites that can help you get into your laptop safely and easier (I assume no responsibility for any damage that you may cause to your laptop)

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Be warned: i take NO RESPONSABILITY for anything you will do with your\015\012notebook following my instructions. I mean, I own this notebook and\015\012that's what i did. Nothing else. No warranty of any type. You're on\015\012your own.\015\012

Overheating is a bad problem. All electronic devices create heat, it is a byproduct of resistance to the electrical flow. Many methods are used to combat it, from Fans to heat-sinks to special gel filled packs. Most devices operate "Hot" and a certain amount of heat is to be expected and designed for, indeed we have an "Operating Temperature" however it is the "Excess" heat we try to remove. Also, when a device heats up and cools down it is subject to "Thermal Shock" or, whereby, as all things heat up they expand, and when they cool, they contract, this repeated cycle, can & will, cause devices internals to "Fracture" just like when you bend a piece of metal backwards and forwards until it snaps, same principle. . Also too high a temperature over a long period will cause the device to simply fail. Also most devices will/should have temperature shutdown circuitry, that will shut off power to the device, when & if the temperature rises beyond a certain point. generally you can never have it too cool. So really anything that is done to remove heat and cool things down is only of benefit.
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Overheating How do I know if my laptop is overheating? What are the signs?

Its pretty easy to tell when your laptop is overheating. Youll have those tell-tale red marks on your legs from where the hot bottom of the laptop has been resting against your legs. Fortunately, most laptops will automatically shut down ... Toshiba Satellite A35-S1592 Notebook

Overheating dell inspiron 1420

Hey there, I have two possible solutions for ya. First, I know it is only 3 months old but I would check to see if the heat sink is clean. They are located in the back left corner. The part that should be cleaned looks sort of like fins on an air ... Dell Inspiron 1420 Laptop

My toshiba satellite notebook continues to turn off due to overheating it seems. How can i fix this?

You have a few options here, but I will tell you the most effective way to fix the issue is going to require you to disassemble the laptop.First, you need to establish how bad the laptop is actually overheating and what is causing it. Obv ... Toshiba Satellite U205 Notebook

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There is a software called "SpeedFan" which you can download hereThis software will tell you the internal temperatures of the computer (so you can figure o ... PC Desktops

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My Gateway model w350a T-series laptop overheats whenever I use it too long. I can tell it is overheating because when i feel underneath of the left side it is extremely warm. I recently got a new hard drive after the fan in the old one failed, and I never had the overheat problem before then. Could there be a quick fix for this problem?

Hello,We got that snazzy red Gateway at a Labor Day sale September 2008. And then you had to pay extra for the Microsoft Office Suite...About 14 months ago it started shutting down unexpectedly We correctly figured out that ... PC Laptops

Randomly shutting down

Hi katrina1331,\015\012\015\012From what you describe it could be a couple of things but the two the come to mind first are power and perhaps overheating. The fact that you can?t run on battery power very long would suggest it can?t hold a charge or ... HP Pavillion ZV6000 Notebook

Acer TravelMate 2420 overheating and Power management problems Hi, I bought a used Acer TravelMate 2420 laptop (WinXP, RAM 1 GM, hard disk 40 GB, Intel Celeron M processor 1,50 GHZ) and since the beginning it had overheating problems and also some issues with power management. And yes, I know it was a stupid thing to buy it, but knowing it doesn't help. Now the problems: 1. Whatever I do, it keeps overheating, even if no programs are opened. The laptop's fan works very vaguely, and I can hardly

What I'm going to tell you will be frowned upon by most people but I have a Toshiba that is still working after ten years among other laptops. If you have a compressor or go to someone who has one(Compressed air is available but not strong enough in ... Acer PC Laptops

Problems with HP presario V2000

Your model of computer was one of the ones which had faulty battries which overheated. They had a replacement program for them. I would contact HP again letting them klnow that their battery problems damaged your laptop. First when you call. Ask whom ... HP Compaq Presario V2000 Notebook

My daughter's sony vaio vgn-cr420e turns off suddenly and randomly while in windows. battery is currently not in and no overheating is present, which i understand could cause such a problem. however, there's no dust build up in the vents and, as i mentioned, it doesn't seem to be an overheating problem. any ideas?

It is very hard to tell when the processor is overheating. The laptop may not feel hot at all. If it is an overheating problem, there could be two different causes. One, the fan may be failing or completely failed. Two, there could be dust buildu ... PC Laptops

My laptop is a bit overheating and when i try to restart it will turn on for a few seconds then off again. Reinstaled my OS and the problem continues

HiThank you for your queryPlease try the following1) Switch on laptop2) Press the F12, or F2 or del key to enter setup i.e. bios (if it is not one of these keys then it will tell you on bootup which key to pr ... HP Compaq nc8430 Notebook

Laptop overheating my laptop is geting heated up after a while. It is running very slow after that . can you please tell me what the problem could be and how do i fix it. My friend told me may be some dust has been collected inside. Can someone please give me an expert advice.

Ya overheating of a laptop is but normal as made by the maufacturer due to absence of power fans to cool down the heat from the power supply so for that reason just take it normal or else it could be due to other factors like memory being too low.for ... PC Laptops

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On many overheating problems we tell our customers to shut off the laptop, place a fairly strong vacuum cleaner flush against the bottom grill and hold it there for about 30 seconds. This sucks out a strip of dust that gathers on the cooling grid ov ... HP Pavilion zd8000 Notebook

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Overheating. This is really simple to fix if it is what I think it is. Take a phillips head screwdriver, unscrew the back panel with the grate on it, unscrew the fan, then clean out the metal thing. If there was a lot of dust there, that's the rea ... PC Laptops

I have a acer aspire 5003WLMi and my wifi is not working all of a sudden. It keeps telling me to turn the wifi switch on but i dont know where it is. please help

Hello and thank you for using Fixya.\015\012\015\012This could be caused by two seperate issues:\015\012\015\0121. The actual wirecard that is inside the laptop has been damaged or gone out. This can be caused by overheating o ... Acer Aspire 5003WLMi Notebook

Laptop Screen dark yet computer works with external monitor

Does the fan work ok? and do you have a laptop holder for it or you just have it on a desk ....get a laptop holder for it if you do not have one and as for the rest goto the power mangment area on the computer and see if the monitor might be on sta ... Compaq Presario R3000 Notebook

Hello my Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop has a huge problem overheating. I purchased it almost 9 months ago. But its been overheating badly after the first 3 months. Sometimes while working it'll overheat to the point where it will just shut down. The USB cords I keep in it (such as the mouse) have been affected by the laptop overheating. causing the USB to become warped, runing the USB and the particular port. The touchpad also doesnt work anymore, its always extremely hot. I tried using a cooling tr

You also need to be sure you are not covering the vents when you use it. Using it on a bed or surface that smothers the vents is bad for the system.Check to see if you hear the fan running. Do you feel air blowing out of the vents? AND how hot ... Dell Inspiron 1545 Notebook

Tell me about overheating - PC Laptops

Overheating is generally cause by a clogged or dirty cooling fan. To clean the fan out I generally use some compressed air and a vacuum. Simply locate the cooling fan output on the outside of your laptop (usually on the left or right side of your la ... PC Laptops

Packard bell easynote r1938 starts up sometimes and only after battery taken out

Okay, I have two possible solutions for this. First I am going to go with the fix that applies to most laptops/batteries:1. Take out the battery2. Remove power supply (wall charger)3. Hold down the power button for 30 seconds ... Acer Aspire 4720 Notebook

Touchpad problem for Acer Aspire 5610-2328

First of all, Best Buys should honor at least a 90 day warranty on their work. Did you contact them ?\015\012The cursor problems is caused by heat . If the laptop's fan is operating ok, the unit should never heat up to where it is ... Acer Computers>Laptops Aspire 5610-2328 PC Notebook

It freezes when idle for a few minutes.

\015\012This could be caused by a lot of different things. \015\012 \015\0121. The first thing I recommend you check is if the computer is overheating. Chec ... Dell Inspiron 1521 Laptop

I am having Dell Precision M6300 when I play game on it the cooloing fan starts and the laptop speed gets very low Why is this frequent overheating caused and i guess the Nvdia graphix card is overheated. Please tell me the soution on it

Well exactly this is happened because of a high load which is applied to cpu and the video card so check if u are openening another application while u playing ur perfect game\015\012\015\012\015\012also another advice is to check the spe ... PC Laptops

Toshiba M55-S139 Laptop randomly freezes without warning.

Ok this may be a multistep process to verify for sure that the board is bad before we replace it then I will help you find one, just bear with me. Usually freezing does have to do with overheating, but as you said, you checked that. Do you mind tel ... Toshiba Satellite M55-S141 Notebook

Dell 1420 Boot issue

O.k. First off a corrupted driver can be as simple as a glitch, and software glitch all the time, it's normal. In this case, it's not a driver, it's going to be the video card. The reason is that the video has a generic driver built in, ... Dell Inspiron Notebook
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