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Need to wipe my computer, combine c and d drives into one big c drive and reinstall windows with my original disks. How?

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Reboot the computer with the windows disc in the drive, when you see " hit any key to boot from cd, I usually tap the spacebar....this is the last time you will do this, from then on ignore this when the computer reboots during the install which may be several times. The computer will ask if you want to install, repair or leave the installation. Hit enter that you want to install. On the following windows that come up, you want to make sure that you delete the existing partitions that the computer shows you. You may have to click on "additional options" to get the delete button to show, once you have deleted the existing partitions, there will be a disc that is show but it will sho unallocated speca, this is what you want, just highlight the unallocated disc and hit enter. Windows will do the rest, it will probably make another small partition for what windows want s to be able to operate correctly, it will be like 100mb, this is ok and nothing to worry about, just click yes and let it go.
\015\012Well if you want to keep your opperating system in tact and working you\015\012got two options. Buy partition magic which is suposeto do combine\015\012partitions. (C: D: E: F:) into one. Or you can buy File Scavenger for\015\012$40.00 and use a friend's computer using the steps below.
\015\012This method has about an 80% chance of working without a hitch and\015\012about a 15% chance of total failure and messing up both computers.\015\012Procede at your own risk. for more queshtions before continuing don't\015\012hesitate to contact me the more information I have the better this will\015\012work.
\015\012Install File Scavenger on the friends computer.
\015\012Unplug the Hard Drive from your computer.
\015\012Change your hard drive to a slave. ( change the jumpers accordingly for more help call the manufacturs of you hard drive ).
\015\012Unplug your friend's CD drive ribbons and power plugs that go to his CD drives.
\015\012Plug the CD drive ribbon into your hard drive
\015\012Turn your friend's computer on.
\015\012Run File Scavenger.
\015\012Run a Defunct Volume Search and save all the files to the folder as\015\012described below and repeat for every drive letter such as C: D: E: F:\015\012G: H: I: J: K: L: M: ect.
\015\012Have it save all the stuff off your drive which will no longer be the\015\012C: Onto your friend's desktop in a file. Then repeat for every drive\015\012letter C: D: E: F: ect. if you have four on your hard drive then there\015\012should be five in the list of volumes in File Scavenger. DO NOT SAVE\015\012YOUR FRIEND'S HARD DRIVE IN THIS FOLDER! YOU WILL REGRET IT!
\015\012Reboot the computer.
\015\012Put a Windows XP disk in the computer.
\015\012Reboot the computer.
\015\012If you don't see the message Hit any key to boot from CD... then Reboot\015\012the computer and press Delete several times or F1 or F2 or F3 if delete\015\012does not work. Then you will see a blue or gray screen this is the\015\012bios. You can do a lot of damage here but don't wory. Check the order\015\012that the computer boots in. Floppy, HD-0, CD-DRIVE if it looks\015\012something like this you are in the right place. Change the order using\015\012the + and - Keys untill the CD-DRIVE is the first choice. MAKE SHURE\015\012THE HD-0 or HD-1 is the second or third choice! Reboot the computer.
\015\012Press a key to boot from the Windows XP CD then you will see a blue\015\012screen. Wait a long time. Act like you want to install Windows XP.\015\012(Don't wory you won't) STOP when you get to the part that will show C:\015\012D: E: F: G: H: I: J: K: and so on. MAKE SHURE THAT THE C: partishion is\015\012larger than the others! MAKE SHURE THAT IT IS YOUR FRIEND'S HARD DRIVE\015\012IF IT ISN'T FIND OUT WHICH ONE IS BEFORE CONTINUING! BECAUSE IF YOU\015\012DON'T YOU WILL DELEATE IT! calm down. It should be the largest one.\015\012Unless his hard drive is smaller than 2 Gigs. Now highlight every drive\015\012one at a time exept your friends and deleate the partition. When you\015\012are done create one big partition. On the only free space. Use all the\015\012memory it will let you use. It may even be bigger than your friends!\015\012probably about 6-8 Gigs from what I understand about your hard drive.\015\012Then reboot the computer.
\015\012you should start up in your friend's operating system. If not freak\015\012out. Just kidding. If you do start up in your friends operating system\015\012then open my computer there should now be a C drive and a D drive.\015\012Right click the D drive.
\015\012Click Format
\015\012If you used windows ME, or 98 format in Fat 32. DON"T DO A QUICK FORMAT!
\015\012If you used windows XP then do an NTFS format if you can DO NOT DO A QUICK FORMAT!
\015\012After you have waited for that to get done and it worked open those\015\012folders that you coppied all your information in your hard drive to.
\015\012Click Tools
\015\012Click Folder Options
\015\012Click View
\015\012Click Show Hidden Files and Folders
\015\012Click Apply
\015\012Click Ok
\015\012Click Edit
\015\012Click Select All
\015\012Click Edit
\015\012Click Copy
\015\012Close that folder
\015\012Open my computer
\015\012Double click the D:
\015\012Click Edit
\015\012Click Paste
\015\012And wait for the magic to take place.
\015\012After its done shut the computer down.
\015\012Take your hard drive and put it back in your computer how you found it\015\012with the jumpers set back to Master or Cable select if thats what they\015\012were before.
\015\012Hook up your buddies CD cables and power plugs and start up your\015\012computer. Should be that easy. There will be some files on your\015\012computer that you have deleated. and duplicate coppies of files. This\015\012is becasue File Scavenger is designed to find more than just files you\015\012have on your computer but also ones that were lost.
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