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Blue sreen error when ever starting system

\015 Hi...\015\012in begning my pc was too slow and i replaced my 128 mb ddr1 ram to 512 mb ddr1 ram.\015\012after that my pc work good for few days, and then it start showing error massages like ***stop: 0x00000007e(0xc0000090, 0x004b4bd8, 0xee25885c, 0x00000000), \015\012 ***stop: 0x000000001, \015\012***stop: 0x000000005....etc. \015\012each time new error WHICH HANGS MY PC OR AUTOMATICALY RESTART IT.\015\012i search on google for this and performe some tasks also like disabling all start up servieces using save mode utility, scanning system, fress os installation etc...\015\012but not got any sollution .\015\012then i came to know that this is problem related to bios updation.\015\012when i started searching bios update i havent found it any where not even on award website.\015\012bios info.\015\012type - phoenix-award\015\012date - july 23, 2003\015\012id - 07/23/2003-i845G-ITE8712-6A694X3LC-OO-NONE\015\012VER. - 6.00 PG\015\012OEM - INTEL845GL/GV,-007-6.00PG\015\012CHIPSET - INTEL 2560 REV 3\015\012MOTHERBOARD - i845G-ITE8712\015\012PROCESSOR - CELERON 2GHz\015\012\015\012I WILL BE VERY THANKFULL TO YOU ALL .....\015\012PLZ SOLVE THIS PROBLEM.\015\012\015\012REGARDS \015\012ABHAY...........\015\012\015\012\015

Answers :

Probably ur system's software is corrupted or ram is faulty..proceed with the following step(s) only if u r a professional..
1)a) open it/them, rub itz teeth gently with a eraser, toremove any
oxide and or carbon formed..resit them again into theslot(s)..
b) replace the ram with a standby n see..
2)reinstall os..
3)alsocheck for defective capacitors(esp above 1000mfd) & mosfets &the circuitry around the South Bridge on the main/mother board..

the above often take place with some error message(s)/blue screen..
butif there's no such displaying, esp if hangs/stops/power off duringinstallation..

[plz give priority to step1(b), it may b the sole cause]..

there are also exceptions, where it is found that any hardware component on the system is loose or incompatible (see addon cards, the ram(s), the hdd, all data cables n power cords), may b dusty, cpu overheating etc..

when u get into the os, plz do the following:
hv a licensed and UPDATED antivirus installed (i prefer avg/kaspersky, remember, without updation a full version antivirus is useless)..
download, install n run microsoft kb890830..http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=AD724AE0-E72D-4F54-9AB3-75B8EB148356&displaylang=en..
download n run Startup Control Panel..http://download.cnet.com/Startup-Control-Panel/3000-2094_4-10039330.html..'remove all the unnecessarystartup items from here..(if u can't find what to remove, post me/us inur comment with all the items listed in each n every tabs herein)..
remove all unnecessary software from add/remove programs..
download, install n run 'Advanced System Care Pro'..http://download.cnet.com/Advanced-SystemCare-Pro/3000-2086_4-10399324.html..

contact ur system admin/vendor....
Actually, I think you may have a memory problem. Those look like memory addresses that you listed. Did you find out whether your motherboard requires memory to be installed in pairs or can you just install one chip with 512 MB? Did you check the speed that motherboard can handle as well as the maximum amount of RAM it can handle? Did you take your old RAM chip to the store with you when you bought new RAM? Those questions are always good recommendations. RAM comes in different amounts and different "speeds". If you purchased a speed that your motherboard cannot handle, then the BIOS chip on that motherboard cannot handle it either. I have the 845GV motherboard myself in one of my PCs. The motherboard has Intel chipsets but mine is made by a company call EliteGroup. According to my motherboard manual the motherboard can only handle "unbuffered DDR SDRAM with speeds of 266 or 333. Sometimes it is easy to find the speed printed on your old RAM chip, but other times you have to read in the manual. A good place to find online manuals is www.motherboards.org. Also there is a possibility, although rare, that you purchased some bad RAM chips. I have purchased bad RAM before. Double check your specifications to make sure that you have the correct type of RAM. If you do have the correct RAM, I would put your old RAM back in the PC and boot it up. When everything boots correctly (if you have changed a lot of things, then in the BIOS find the option to load "factory settings" or "default options" and load them, then you may or may not need to reinstall Windows), power the computer and remove the old RAM. Take the old RAM and the new RAM back to the store purchased from and tell them the RAM doesn't work in your PC and that you wish to exchange it. If you purchased the RAM online then call the company and tell them that you need to exchange the RAM, that it does not work properly in you computer. When you install good, correct RAM, then you should not have any errors. If you had no problems before installing the RAM, then always double check what you changed before doing other things. Please update on your status as you go along.
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Blue sreen error when ever starting system

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