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My computer got broke so i installed new installion of windows xp and now that one got messed up and i need to restore the factory settings but i cant get the d2d erecovery to work can you help me my computer is an acer aspire one series mother board aoa150

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You have a partition on your hard drive that contains the backup\015\012image.If you can't see a drive D: or E: on "my computer" that means the\015\012partition is hidden for security.You can access the recovery from the\015\012Acer folder in the program menu or by starting the computer and hitting\015\012F11 i think.(the option is displayed for sort time on boot) There is a\015\012backup utility in your programs too that prompt you to make those\015\012CD's,I can't remember the name but it sucks.You can use nero to burn\015\012the raw image from the backup partition or call Acer and request the\015\012backup CD's .I did once for a client and they send me 2 copies and free\015\012shipping!

Here's are instructions.
1. Burn the Recovery DVDs / CDs.
\015\012First and foremost is to backup your original Windows XP partition. Do\015\012this by starting the eRecovery program (Start -> Empowering\015\012Technology -> eRecovery Management),
\015\012In my notebook, you can choose to burn either the Factory Default Image\015\012or the Application Image. What the Factory Default Image does is that\015\012it only reinstall the Main Partition (ie: C drive ONLY) back to the\015\012Hard Disk, while the Application image stores the main Acer\015\012applications and driver, so if you have a clean Windows XP and want all\015\012the Acer software and drivers, this image is for you.
\015\012I suggest you burn both on DVD and CD (The Factory Default Image needs\015\0124 CDs or 1 DVD, and the Application Image needs 2 CDs or 1 DVD), just\015\012in case your HD goes haywire and you need the original partition back.
\015\0122. Re-Partition Hard Drive
\015\012I went through a lot in the last 24 hours to make sure the HD has the\015\012exact Partitions that I want, so I’m hoping this guide can help others\015\012so they don’t have to suffer too much . Mine is around 95 Gb.
\015\012Default Partitions:
\015\012Partition 0
\015\012Hidden, No Label, FAT32
\015\012Function: Image Partitions (Stores your Factory Default Image and\015\012Application Image), Don’t delete this if you want to use eRecovery to\015\012restore its original Windows XP drive C Drive). Usually around 4 Gb.
\015\012Partition 1 (C Drive)
\015\012Label: ACER, FAT32
\015\012Function: Here is the Acer Windows XP partition, usually half of the size left ( in my case 45 Gb)
\015\012Partition 2 (D Drive)
\015\012Label: ACERDATA, FAT32
\015\012Function: Empty, for your Data, usually half of the size left ( in my case 45 Gb)
\015\012My goal is to remove the Hidden Partition so I can maximize the HD, use\015\0123 Partitions (C drive for Windows XP (Around 25 Gb), D and E drive for\015\012Data), and Convert all the drives to NTFS.
\015\012There is 2 option depending on the result you want:
\015\012Option A: Start with the Acer Windows XP (with all the Acer Software installed, Recommended for Novice Users)
\015\012Option B: Start with a Clean Windows XP (without the Acer Software, so\015\012you can choose the software and drivers, for Advance Users)
\015\012I’ll try to make things as simple as possible. PLEASE make sure you\015\012have burned the eRecovery DVDs / CDs (and test them to see if they’re\015\012working) that I mentioned above. If you DON’T have those DVDs / CDs,\015\012DON’T CONTINUE.
\015\012Things you might need to have before starting:
\015\012-\011Partitioning software, such as Partition Magic Rescue CD. I will use Partition Magic in this section.
\015\012Option A: Step-by-step
\015\012-\011Delete all the Existing Partition, including the Hidden Partition. Don’t create any new partition.
\015\012-\011Boot to your Factory Default DVD / CDs.
\015\012-\011Follow the instructions, and press Recover when prompted. This will result in a C Drive (90 Gb and FAT32). When done, reboot.
\015\012-\011Go through the setting up Windows XP process that you did the first time.
\015\012- Once you’re done, use Partition Magic (either Install the Software\015\012first or Boot to the Rescue CD) to Resize the C drive to 25 Gb (or\015\012anything you wish). Then create the secondary logical partitions using\015\012the Free space available (put your Labels and set the File System to\015\012NTFS). Click Apply.
\015\012- Once its done, all you need to do left is to convert the C drive to\015\012NTFS. Don’t use the Partition Magic software, because I did that once\015\012and it can’t even boot to Windows, missing some file error. Boot back\015\012to Windows, click on:
\015\012Start => Run => Type in “cmd”
\015\012-\011On the Command prompt, Type in:
\015\012convert C: /fs:ntfs
\015\012-\011Type in yes on the next prompt. It would say it needs to run this on the next start-up, so type in “yes” again. Restart.
\015\012-\011Watch as it converts the FAT32 to NTFS (mine took like 10 minutes).
\015\012-\011Once done, boot back to Windows. You’re done.
\015\012Option B: Step-by-step (I have not tested this, just a recap of what I know and read in the Forums)
\015\012- I have not heard from anyone that bought an Acer Laptop recently and\015\012received a Windows XP CD with the original package. The Factory Default\015\012DVD / CDs is NOT a Windows XP CD, it is a Image Recovery CD, so you\015\012can’t tell it to NOT install Acer softwares.
\015\012- What you need is a Windows XP OEM Edition CD (you don’t need a\015\012Product Key, since you have it sticked to the bottom of your Laptop).\015\012In my opinion, you own a Windows XP by buying this, so there’s no harm\015\012done by getting just the CD (just so you can install to this Laptop).\015\012You can get a copy from your friendly computer store near you.
\015\012-\011Once you got it, Install using that CD and type in the Product Key that is on the bottom of your Laptop.
\015\012- When done installing Windows XP, put in your Application DVD / CDs.\015\012Here, you can choose which drivers and utilities that you want to\015\012install.
\015\012-\011You’re done.

Hope this will help !

Cheers !!

Http://www.ehow.com/how_5063933_reset-acer-laptop.html\015\012\015\012Sir, go there and chek out the article.
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