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\015\012Issue:NTOSKRNL.EXE is missing or corrupt.
\015\012 Related errors:
\015\012 Below is a listing of the full error message that may be related to this error.
\015\012 Windows NT could not start because the below file is missing or corrupt:
\015\012 C:\\Winnt\\System32\\Ntoskrnl.exe
\015\012 \015\012Cause:\015\012 \015\012
  1. Keyboard issue
  2. \015\012
  3. Miscellaneous corruption
  4. \015\012
  5. Corrupt boot.ini file.
  6. \015\012
  7. Missing boot.ini file.
  8. \015\012
  9. Missing or corrupt ntoskrnl.exe file.
  10. \015\012
  11. Windows NT installed on a partition bigger then 7.8GB
  12. \015\012
  13. Corrupted hard disk drive or severely corrupted Windows.
\015\012 \015\012Solution:Keyboard issue
\015\012 This\015\012issue has also been known to be caused by a short in the ground wire in\015\012the keyboard cable. Make sure this is not the cause of your error by\015\012replacing the keyboard with a different keyboard or simply just disconnecting the keyboard from the computer.
\015\012 Miscellaneous corruption
\015\012 Before\015\012trying any of the below recommendations it's recommend that you attempt\015\012to load the last known good configuration. Additional information about\015\012doing this can be found on document CH000626.
\015\012 Corrupt boot.ini file
\015\012 This\015\012issue is often caused when the boot.ini is missing or improperly\015\012configured. This issue often arises after a user has recently added or\015\012removed an operating system on the computer or added or removed hard\015\012disk drives in the computer.
\015\012 Make sure the\015\012line pointing to the operating system and its drive and partition is\015\012properly configured in the [boot loader] and [operating systems]\015\012section. Additional information about boot.ini can be found on document CH000492.
\015\012 Missing boot.ini file
\015\012 Microsoft Windows XP users:
\015\012 If\015\012the boot.ini is severely corrupted or missing a user running Microsoft\015\012Windows XP can rebuild the boot.ini to resolve this issue. Additional\015\012information about rebuilding the boot.ini can be found on document CH000648.
\015\012 Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000 users:
\015\012 To restore the original boot.ini file in Microsoft Windows NT or Windows 2000 you will need an ERD and follow the below steps. If you do not have an ERD you will be unable to follow these steps.
\015\012 \015\012
  1. Boot the computer with your Windows NT three setup diskettes or the Windows 2000 setup disc.
  2. \015\012
  3. In the setup menu, type R to start the repair.
  4. \015\012
  5. When prompted for the ERD diskette insert the diskette and inspect the startup environment.
\015\012 Missing or corrupt ntoskrnl.exe file
\015\012 If the ntoskrnl.exe file is corrupt or missing this can also generate the error. To restore this file follow the below steps.
\015\012 \015\012
  1. Insert the Microsoft Windows XP CD.\015\012Note: If you have a recovery CD or a restore CD and not a Microsoft\015\012Windows XP CD it is likely the below steps will not resolve your issue.
  2. \015\012
  3. Reboot\015\012the computer, as the computer is starting you should see a message to\015\012press any key to boot from the CD. When you see this message press any key.
  4. \015\012
  5. In the Microsoft Windows XP setup menu press the R key to enter the recovery console.
  6. \015\012
  7. Select the operating system you wish to fix, and then enter the administrator password.
  8. \015\012
  9. Type expand d:\\i386\\ntoskrnl.ex_ c:\\windows\\system32
  10. \015\012
  11. You will then be prompted if you wish to overwrite the file type Y and press enter to overwrite the file.
  12. \015\012
  13. Type exit to reboot the computer.
\015\012 Windows NT installed on a partition bigger then 7.8GB
\015\012 If\015\012you are running Microsoft windows NT 4.0 on a partition larger than\015\0127.8GB this issue can occur if the boot files are located outside this\015\012limitation. When this error occurs your computer will have the error\015\012message as shown below.
\015\012 OS Loader v4.01
Disk I/O error status=00000001
Windows NT could not start because the below file is missing or corrupt: winnt\\system32\\Ntoskrnl.exe
Please reinstall a copy of the above file.
\015\012 If\015\012your system partition is larger than 7.8GB you will need to delete the\015\012partition and recreate the partition to 7.8GB or less. Additional\015\012information about this issue can be found on Microsoft KB Q224526.
\015\012 Corrupted hard disk drive or severely corrupted Windows
\015\012 Attempt to check the hard disk drive for any errors by running the chkdsk program. To do this follow the below steps.
\015\012 \015\012
  1. Insert the Microsoft Windows XP CD.\015\012Note: If you have a recovery CD or a restore CD and not a Microsoft\015\012Windows XP CD it is likely the below steps will not resolve your issue.
  2. \015\012
  3. Reboot\015\012the computer, as the computer is starting you should see a message to\015\012press any key to boot from the CD. When you see this message press any key.
  4. \015\012
  5. In the Microsoft Windows XP setup menu press the R key to enter the recovery console.
  6. \015\012
  7. Select the operating system you wish to fix, and then enter the administrator password.
  8. \015\012
  9. Once at the recovery console type chkdsk /r
  10. \015\012
  11. Once completed type exit and see if issue is resolved.
\015\012 If\015\012after trying all of the above steps you are still encountering the same\015\012issue it's likely that Windows is severely corrupted and it is\015\012recommended you attempt to reinstall Windows. Additional information\015\012about erasing the computer and starting over can be found on document CH000186.
\015\012 Finally, if during the Windows installation you encounter errors it's likely that your hard disk drive is bad.

For more Information please visit Windows Error Solution

It is pretty much crashed....hard. Might want to reload the OS. Yes you can recover from that, but it is not worth the time and frustration to do it...Provided you can afford to lose whatever you had on the primary partition (C:\\) drive. Let me know if you need other asst. It is a little complicated to explain. How many machines is this affecting? All of your E-Machines?
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