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I have Photo Studio 5.5 that was bundled when I installed a Canon product. When I am using the crop tool, after a couple of clicks of the mouse the computer crashes. A recent error report suggested that the cause was because of a driver. Is there some way for me to download a upgrade?

Answers :

Hi Chrome,

I am assuming that this is "ArcSoft" studio
you are having trouble with.

Before you read my more detailed rantings which follow,
make sure that the size of your virtual memory page file
is big enough, which is a likely quick fix, from the sounds
of things:

Right-click on MyComputer, then left click:
Properties -->
Advanced --->
\015\012 Performance settings --->
Advanced (again) --->
Virtual memory change --->

Choose a hard-drive or partition with the most free space,

chose "Custom size"

Set the "initial size" = "Maximum size" =

1.5x your physical RAM or 2GB, which ever is GREATER.

press OK and reboot the machine.

(more info on paging file at the end of this article)


Also try to disable hardware acceleration on your VIDEO card
Right click on the DESKTOP,
Left click on PROPERTIES --->
Settings --->
Advanced --->
Trouble shoot --->
Follow the displayed instructions (depend on hardware)
trim back the performance slider one notch at a time
to see if it fixes the problem.

Also right click on My Computer -> Hardware ->
Device Manager ....

Scroll down the list, open up every branch and look
for exclamation marks beside drivers that do not
work properly. Right-click at the top of the tree,
and scan for hardware changes, to see if anything
strange pops up

The above instructions are for Windows XP,
these may be a little different on other versions
of Windows.


If the above did not solve your problem, read on, or if you
are just curious read on too:

1) I am running Version and it is very stable under XP

2) My system:

a) Windows XP-Pro, 32-bit, SP2

b) Intel Core-2-Duo 6600,

c) 4-Gigs of RAM

2.7 Gigs are actually available to compitable applications,
using the /3GB switch in boot.ini.

d) Two ATI Radeon Saphire HD3600 PCIx video cards.

e) Quad DVI video display monitors 1680 x 1050

2) You may try to down-grade from version 5.5 to 5.0,
(i.e. remove and re-install) to

see if the new version has a problem, but this is not likely.


3) The easiest way to find a copy of anything is
Emule P2P or "http://thepiratebay.org/" via BIT torrents.

I am assuming that you are a legitimate owner of
the software trying to experiment or fix it, NOT a
thief, and your legal problems are your own.

www.mscracks.com has what it says, but the site is
LOADED with viruses and drive by malware scripts,
which means:

Never go there with Internet Explorer (any version) !!!!!!

Make sure that you are using the latest version of the
FireFox WEB browser, equipped with the following
security plug-ins:

1) "Finjan" Google link scanner

2) NoScript by Giorgio Maone

The NoScript will automatically prompt you to
allow or block every new script. It also remembers
trusted and untrusted sites.

NEVER allow ANY script from a hacker site, or any
site it LINKs to. You may also need to TEMPORARILY
disable your anti-virus, if it has a blocking web-link

The MSCRACKS site IS (very) dirty, that is how they
make their money, but it also has a huge number
of useful utilities and info. The trick is to get what
you want, without them getting you.

Visit this site only AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!!
Unless you are very good and careful, I strongly
advise against it, legal issues in your jurisdiction
must also to be considered...

Always scan everything you get from there, EMULE
and/or bit torrents with every AV scanner you can get
your hands on, before opening it.

Always scan your whole computer after going there,
or any other such risky activity.

Also, I am assuming that you own a legit copy
and just want to fix it, not steal it. I do NOT condone
software piracy. I write software for a living, and while
I do crawl through the Internet's sewers and back alleys
for learning purposes, I strongly believe that you should
pay for the software you use.


If a version downgrade does not fix the problem, like I said,
my older version 5.0 is very stable...., then we need to do a little
more troubleshooting, but for this I need a little more info:

a) What operating system are you using ?

I recommend Win XP-Pro service pack 2 or 3,
which is by far the most stable, and orders of
magnitude more efficient than Vista. It is also
mostly DRM free.

VISTA is a PIG, take my word for it.
Win 2000 is also OK.
Win ME is Marginal
Win 95, 98 are garbage, almost unusable.
Win NT-4 was great in its day, but it will not
support new hardware, large hard drives or
new software.

Microsoft no longer sells XP, but they do sell version
downgrades after you buy VISTA.
(This is quite obscene if you ask me...)
There is always Emule or Pirate Bay though.
continued in next message....
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