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Maxtor One Touch Mini 4 external 160 Gb no longer recognized by computer. Any way to retrieve data? The disk still spins (I can feel it when I hold it in my hand), but the laptop (Windows XP) won't acknowledge it anymore. It's only a cuople months old, so I can get a new one, but even though THEIR device went bad, they want to charge me $1700 to restore data!!! Unbelievable!

Answers :

Hello Ifurney,
\015\012\015\012OK, this a long posting…
\015\0121. There could be a problem with the USB cable. Try to replace the cable with\015\012another one and check.
\015\0122. Some USB ports on laptop computers do not supply enough voltage, but most\015\012ports do..Try using both the USB connections on the Maxtor. Don't worry, one is\015\012for data transfer and the other is just for supplying extra voltage to the\015\012port. Or you can plug the drive to an AC outlet. If you had connected it to an\015\012external AC source, try unplugging your drive from the power outlet for a few seconds\015\012and then connecting it again.
\015\0123. If you have access to a secondary PC or laptop (maybe a friend's, or a local\015\012internet cafe), try connecting your drive to it and see if it works. If it\015\012does, it could indicate a problem with your computer or the USB port.
\015\0124. Check whether or not plug and play is disabled in the system BIOS. If it is,\015\012enable plug and play in the BIOS. If you are at least getting a notice at start\015\012up that the system has detected a new device and would you like to install it\015\012now warning pop up window, then you know plug and play is enabled, but if not,\015\012then it is not enabled.
\015\012Somtimes some applications or even spware can block plug and play abilities.
\015\012But like I said check your BIOS first.
\015\012Another easy way is to see if the system is seeing a new device but may not\015\012be warning you, is to go into the My Computer (right click)> System\015\012Properties> Hardware (tab)> Device Manager, and see of you are showing\015\012any yellow question marks. These yellow marks are for unknown attached devices\015\012Windows does not know what it is, and can not install because it has no driver\015\012in it's data base to recognize it.
\015\012If the hard drive is plugged in, do a re-start of the computer, navigate to the\015\012above mention Device Manager and see. It should be listed under the category\015\012"disk drives" there is an item with the name "ST350084 1A USB\015\012Device. If it still does not show any new devices. Plug and Play has been\015\012disabled. If not in the System Bio's, then possibly in the Administrator's System\015\012Services File.
\015\012\015\0125. The problem could also be caused by the Logical Disk\015\012Manager Administrative service and possibly the Logical Disk Manager service\015\012not being started or the services might be disabled. To solve the problem,\015\012click on the "Start" menu, click the "Run" command, and\015\012type in: services.msc , scroll down until you see both these services. Right\015\012click on each of the services about and select properties, on the general tab,\015\012change the startup type to "automatic" and click the start button\015\012under the service status. do this for both of the service
\015\012\015\0126. There could be a problem with the drive’s enclosure.\015\012Please contact the point of purchase and try to get a different enclosure/case,\015\012if possible.
\015\012\015\0127. Try changing change the pin on the external HDD from\015\012slave to master.
\015\012\015\012I also saw this on a different forum:
\015\012\015\012“OK, I will try to keep this as simple as I can. I common\015\012problem with external hard drives (any hard drive for that matter, just maybe a\015\012tad bit more common with external drives) is they lose there partition\015\012information. The very beginning sector of the hard drive has the MBR on it\015\012which holds your partition table. It is very likely that this might be corrupt\015\012or damage.
\015\012If your computer recognizes your drive (ie. if the drive is listed under disk\015\012management and/or in you device manager) but the drive shows nothing but\015\012unallocated space then this is most likely the problem. To access Disk\015\012Management in XP/2000:

\015\012\015\012Right click on My Computer.
\015\012Choose Manage (This will open the Computer Management window).
\015\012Go to the Storage category and select Disk Management
\015\012In this case DO NOT create a new partition in windows. This will reformat the\015\012drive and make your life very difficult.
\015\012You will need a tool that can repair your MBR (not fixmbr from the dos prompt)\015\012this almost never works unless your mbr is still readable in some way.
\015\012I use Acronis Disk Director Suite it works great for more than just this and is\015\012a great tool to have on hand. Other ones are Active Partition recovery\015\012(untested by me) and Partition Table Doctor (also untested).
\015\012In Acronis open the Recovery Expert tool. Tell it to try to recover a\015\012partition. Select the advanced and manual modes. What his will do is look at\015\012the old MBR and see if it could read anything from there (like the fixmbr\015\012command only acronis allows you to choose the repair) then it scans the entire\015\012drive, it just looks at the type of data in each sector so it works pretty\015\012fast. You will see a list (most I have ever had in 4, you might just get 1) of\015\012possible partitions. Select the one that looks correct (I just look at total\015\012drive space and how much free space it reports would be left to try and\015\012determine) and follow the on screen directions. Once your back in Acronis' main\015\012screen you will now see your drive with a drive letter. We aren't done yet\015\012though the change doesn't actually take effect until you commit it to the drive\015\012(there should be a little race flag icon at the top of the screen) that will\015\012write the MBR and not touch any other portion of the drive and it should just\015\012work. ( I have had a 100% success rate, although it isn't a guarantee). If it\015\012didn't work and you had more than 1 partition choice when doing the recovery\015\012try it again. You should be able to keep doing it as the only thing that get\015\012overwritten is the MBR.
\015\012For those of you that have already re-formatted the drive this will most likely\015\012not work. You may be able to do the steps to rebuild the partition as it was\015\012but you will most likely have a blank drive still (that doesn't mean that\015\012acronis didn't rebuild the partition correctly it is just because you have\015\012already formatted the drive) Acronis also has the ability to recover data, it\015\012works like the partition recover so just step through the process. It isn't\015\012nearly as successful though. Sometime you will get everything, sometimes\015\012nothing sometimes you will be able to see the files but they won't open because\015\012the data is corrupt. A general rule is the less you mess with the drive the\015\012better your chances.”

\015\012\015\012Here are some links to free software recovery tools on the\015\012net:
\015\012\015\012Hope that helps...Should you have any further questions,\015\012please feel free to post them here.
\015\012\015\012P.S. Before you assign a rating, please\015\012make sure that the issue is resolved or you are satisfied. If not, please post\015\012back as to what you did, and/or any other questions you may have, and I will\015\012try to assist you as best I can. Please do not assign an ‘Inappropriate’ or\015\012‘Thanks for trying’ rating if your issue is not resolved after the first\015\012response itself, as sometimes a bit of to and fro dialogue may be necessary\015\012before we can find a fix or an answer to\015\012your query.
\015\012\015\012If you find that the solution/answer I provided led you\015\012to, or resulted in a fix, please close the ticket with a FixYa! rating.\015\012I would be very grateful for your show of appreciation.
\015\012\015\012Thank you for using FIXYA!
Get the laptop replaced by the company if its under warranty,the data recovery is very expensive, if you need the data very badly please consult any other company the cost may down, or try using this software it may help, to download : http://www.download3000.com/download_46222.html

good luck......
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