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S0000 Presario MB was diagnosed as bad by Staples techs..

\015 Question: Is there a 3rd party motherboard I can purchase that will fit the S0000 case, use the RAM and other peripherals ?\015

Answers :

HP Support, and the main menu support page for the Compaq Presario S6900NX Desktop PC,


[Left-click on Product Information, then Product specifications, and Product specifications again. Photo of the computer on the page is inaccurate]

Motherboard Specifications: (To able to know what specifications are needed for the new motherboard)

1) Has a Socket A processor socket. (Socket A is also referred to as Socket 462)

Will support AMD processors with a 400MegaHertz Front Side Bus. (400MHz FSB)

[Mega = approximately 1 Million
Hertz stands for Cycles per Second.
400 Million Cycles per Second ]

Right now, you should have an AMD Athlon XP 3000+ processor installed. (Compaq's info is erroneous)

(Operates at a maximum frequency rate of 2.167GigaHertz. {2.167GHz}

Has a 512MB amount of L2 cache.
FSB of 400MHz.
Based on the Barton Core, and the 130nanometer architecture. {130nm}

With the heatsink, and thermal paste removed, you should see the part number - AXDA3000DKV4D - printed on the top of the processor case.

Compaq's spec's are erroneous concerning the maximum frequency rate. They list it as 2.0GHz. Probably rounded down.


2) Ram Memory supported.

Supports DDR Sdram that operates at a frequency rate of 400MHz. (PC3200)

Two ram memory slots with a Maximum Amount for EACH slot of 512MB.
Total Amount of ram memory supported is 1GB.
(512MegaByte + 512MB = 1GigaByte)

3) Harddrive interface is IDE.
(IDE is also referred to as PATA)

Optical drive interface is also IDE.

4) Graphics slot type:

Should be the MIcro-ATX Form Factor
9.6 inches by 9.6 inches.
9.6 inches is approximately 9 - 9/16ths inches.
(The ATX form factor size was a typo. { Big fingers } Should be 12 inches by 9.6 inches)

As you look at the rear of the computer, the I/O ports should be on the Left side. Again, ATX Form Factor

This helps explain the Motherboard Form Factor,


Now before I go further, I need to ask some more questions if I may.

1) Why is the motherboard being replaced?

May sound like a 'Duh!' question, but perhaps you wish to see if there is a better motherboard available from a 3rd party manufacturer, and the motherboard is not bad.

2) What makes you think the motherboard is bad, if this is the problem for wanting to replace it?

3) Do I assume the motherboard is bad in your Compaq Presario, and you have removed it?
Can you give me the approximate measurements of it?

Motherboard removed look at the Support Plate. The Support Plate is the flat area of metal that is behind the motherboard, and is what the motherboard mounts to.

It can be a separate metal plate from the computer case's metal framework, or is fastened to the metal frame work, and is an integral part of the computer case.

Look at all of the motherboard mounting holes on the support plate. There may be holes that have MATX, or mATX stamped next to them. Stands for Micro-ATX.

If my info is correct about the form factor of your motherboard, these are the holes that would be used.

Look to see if there are also other mounting holes in the Support Plate that have ATX stamped next to them.
This means you can use either a MIcro-ATX, or ATX motherboard.

This changes the playing field.

4) What is your contingency plan to reinstall the Operating System if needed? Do you have a full installation CD of Windows XP?
Or is there another Windows version you have in mind, or a version of Linux?

When Windows is installed on a computer, it assigns hash values to the various major hardware components.
You can think of these hash values to represent serial numbers for the hardware components, but in reality they aren't.
No personal information is recorded with them.

Some of the major hardware components are,
1) Processor

2) Motherboard (To be more specific the BIOS program, and version, as well as the motherboard chipset)

3) Harddrive

4) Graphics used:

Graphics chip on the motherboard if just the Integrated, or Onboard graphics are being used of the motherboard itself.
Graphics chip on the graphics card, if a graphics card is being used. (Graphics chip = GPU. Graphics Processing Unit)

Change any 2 hardware components, and a red flag is thrown up.
(No, not a real red flag, jeez. lol!)

Microsoft Users License states 'One Genuine copy of Windows per One computer'

Change any 2 components, and the red flag goes up because it thinks it is being stolen.
Someone is trying to take that genuine copy of Windows, and put it on another computer, also.

Windows may want to be activated again.
Or it may just throw up a blue screen. (BSOD)
Or it may do nothing, and purr right along.
Windows is a 'funny animal'.

Side note:
Heck yeah support live jazz!
Although I've been listening to a lot of Leona Lewis' stuff lately.
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S0000 Presario MB was diagnosed as bad by Staples techs..

HP Support, and the main menu support page for the Compaq Presario S6900NX Desktop PC, ... PC Desktops

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