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Is it easy to put a memory board

\015 Is it easy for a amutar to put a memory board inside\015

Answers :

Yes they just clip in easy as only can go one way... ensure you get same RAM as there now.
Is it easy for an amateur to install a ram memory module?
(Module slang term is 'Stick'. Ram Module = Ram Stick)

You betcha Bob!
Nothing to it. Allow me to give you some generic information that applies to all PC's.

Then I would like to ask what the computer manufacturer is, what the Model Name is, and the Model Number is, of your computer.

This way I can give you detailed information that applies to YOUR computer.

Compaq Presario SR1110NX

Compaq is the computer manufacturer name
Presario is the Model Name
SR1110NX is the Model Number.

This information can be found on the back of a desktop computer on the tower, or up on the side. It is usually located near the Windows Product Key holographic sticker.
(Fictitious example of Windows Product Key,

Barring that the information is for a laptop, and was not put in the correct category, the information of manufacturer, model name, and model number is located on the bottom side of the laptop.

1) Unplug the power to the computer. The preferred method is to unplug from the surge protector.

Unplugging from the back of the computer (Power Supply) may cause a voltage surge, and harm the computer.

(May burn out the Power Supply, and could lead to the Motherboard, Processor, Ram Memory, and graphics card, if used)

2) TOUCH the metal frame of the open computer case Before you reach inside.
This is IMPERATIVE! (Not shouting)

Your body carries Static electricity.
Static will fry out the hardware components inside a computer.
Computer unplugged from power, you are safe.
Touch the metal frame of the open computer case, your computer is safe.

Should you get up in the middle of working on your computer, and walk away,...when you return touch the metal frame again.

Handle the ram memory by the body of the ram stick.
Refrain from touching the gold plated contact pins on the bottom. (Real gold)
The body of the ram stick is coated with a protective see-through plastic.

3) Locate the ram memory module/s in your computer. For a desktop computer they will resemble this example,


This is an example of a motherboard inside a computer.
It, however, is not installed inside a computer, nor is there any hardware installed.
(Processor, Ram Memory modules, graphics card, and Ethernet Card to name a few hardware components)


Looking at the photo observe the long Black, and Blue slots, to the left of the photo.

These are ram memory slots.
The white objects at either end of those ram slots, are Locking Tabs.

When removing a ram module they are pressed down, and to the outside.
This action also raises the ram module, up out of the ram slot.

You can left-click on the photo to enlarge it.
(Twice if you wish)
Observe the ram slots in an enlarged view. (Twice)

I would like you to look at the blue ram slots, in particular.
If you look close there is a Locating Lug in the ram slot.
This can be viewed by looking to the left of the - 8,
In the A8N-VM-CSM in the white rectangle.

This Locating Lug corresponds with a Notch on the bottom of the ram module.
(The notch can be viewed in the link for number 3) above. You can also enlarge this photo)

Upon casual observation it may look as though the Locating Lug is in the middle of the ram slot.
It may also look as though the Notch is in the middle of the ram module.

It is not.

The Locating Lug, and the Notch are actually over to one side, and not in the middle.
Align the ram module in the correct direction, so that the Locating Lug, and Notch line up.

After you have removed a ram module the Locking Tabs will be in the out position. They will be tilted to the outside of the ram slot.

Insert the ram module in a straight up, and down position, with the Locating Lug, and Notch aligned.

Press down on the top of the ram module, and the preferred method is to press down on the top outside corners.

You will see the Locking Tabs come up, as the ram module goes down into the ram slot.

On each end of the ram module is another Notch.
The Locking Tabs have a 'Bump' on them (Protrusion) that lines up with the notches.

Once the ram module is inserted all the way into the ram slot properly, the Locking Tab bumps will fit into the notches on the side of the ram module.

You should hear a click, click, as the bumps snap into the notches.

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