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No power, front panel light is always on

\015 SO I have a system I built myself. Pentium dual core running 2gigs of ram, 2 HDDs totally 500 gigs. DVR card for surveillance. Anyways, 2 weeks ago there was a thunderstorm. Didn't knock out the power (not that I know of) but the computer stopped working since then. The computer is connected to surge protectors. I figured it was the PSU (generic raidmax that came with the case) So I ordered a new one. Nothing fancy. I installed it and now the computer won't boot. Matter in fact, the computer won't stay on. After pressing the power button, the fans briefly come on and then stop. I tried reseating everything but that didn't work. When I disconnect the 12v plug, the computer stays on. But it doesn't boot. I thought it might be the volt meter, so I changed it. Now the computer stays on even with the 12v connector plugged in. But looking at the switch, it doesn't look right. It is showing 220. Doesn't that mean its running on 220v? I switch it back and the same thing happens....the computer dies. So now that I bought a new PSU, could it be that the mobo or cpu is fried?\015

Answers :

Run with the 4-pin ATX power cable unplugged? No, the power supply is just supplying power to the hardware components, that do not require much power. (Wattage)
[Or the power supply doesn't have enough power now, due to a bad power rail, or more than one]

1.ALL the lights use less than 1 Watt.
2.EACH fan uses 2 to 3 Watts.

Your Pentium D uses 95 Watts. (Maximum) [The Intel Pentium D 805, that has a frequency rate of 2.66GHz, is the closest Pentium D that I know of, to 2.5GHz]

It's possible the motherboard is damaged, and possibly the processor.
The processor, is the hardware component that is the most susceptible component, to electrical power surge. (Or Static)

No processor, the operating system doesn't have anything to control it.
Could be the original issue. A new PSU won't help here.

Does the computer boot to the BIOS screen?
Try replacing ram memory with just one known good stick, if you have one.
See if BIOS comes up now.
(As you know BIOS checks the devices installed, does a ram memory count, then turns the processor on, and hands the computer over to the operating system)

BIOS screen comes up now?
Take a look at the Electrolytic Capacitors on the motherboard. See if there are any with visual signs of failure.


One's without visual signs may have dried up inside. (The Electrolytic paste may have dried up)
Electrolytic Capacitors that surround the processor, are Voltage Regulators for the processor. The processor requires a steady, 'Clean', supply of voltage, and it must be within a very tight tolerance range.
IF just ONE capacitor is bad, the processor won't run.

It's possible the power supply is damaged now.
(Again, Electrolytic Capacitors, or the Rectifier Bridge may be damaged.
The Rectifier Bridge is made up of Diodes. Diodes are a One-Way valve.
Alternating Current alternates back, and forth. Diodes don't let it, and it makes Direct Current)

Do you have a multimeter to check the power supply with? (Set to DC and the 50 volt scale. Power supply set to 110)
Doing this is a borderline safety issue, so use caution.
1.Yellow wires are 12 volt
2.Red is 5 volt
3.Orange is 3.3 volt

DO NOT open the power supply to try, and repair it!
Electrolytic Capacitors hold a charge for weeks, months, sometimes up to a year, after power is removed from them!
(In dealing with Electrolytic Capacitors in a power supply, I'm referring to the power supply being unplugged from power)

They are made to slowly build up a charge, then release it all at once!
They have enough stored power for a BAD shock, to a LETHAL one!

What to do?
Suggest checking power supply first.

Power supply checks out?

Then try to install a new ram memory stick in Slot 1. (Closest to processor)
Harddrive unplugged from mobo, you're just trying to see if the BIOS screen will come up.

BIOS comes up?
Install harddrive cable to mobo. (Motherboard)
No boot?

Check capacitors.
Look good?
Try another processor. Make sure you use new thermal paste, clean the old paste off first.
Make SURE you touch the metal frame of the computer case, BEFORE you touch anything. If you get up, and walk away in the middle, when you return, touch the metal frame again.
[Work on a table. A couch, bed, or directly on a carpet floor is a no-no. High areas of Static electricity)

Would like to know your findings.
Try to flash the bios once if there is a problem still then try with a ordinary PSU. It will be better if you post the motherboard specs also
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No power, front panel light is always on

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