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I have a phillips freevents desktop pc which

\015 My freevents pc switched off suddenly and \015\012appears to have no power at all but there is power\015\012in the lead\015

Answers :

Not much information out there Steve on the Philips Freevent 9602/05 Desktop Computer.
This is from Techguys.com,


Pretty impressive except for graphics. If it's an Nvidia GeForce 8400GS with 256MB's of DDR2 graphics ram, (Graphics Adapter Card), I would take it out, and fly it at the neighbors barking dog.
Just my opinion.

With no Support for the Philips Freevent computers, (Made or acquired by the Dixon Group), I can't even see what the computer case looks like.

1.Computer unplugged from the surge protector, computer case open.
TOUCH the metal frame of the computer case, BEFORE you reach inside!
Your body carries Static electricity. Static will fry out your computer hardware components in a Flash! You may not even see it, or feel it!
Computer unplugged you're safe. Touch the metal frame, your computer is Safe! [Work on a table. IF you get up for any reason, when you return, TOUCH that metal frame again!]

Unplug all of the power cables to your peripherals, (Harddrive, CD/DVD drive/s, etc.), and to the motherboard, (You should have two connections at least. A 20 or 24-pin ATX motherboard connector, and a 4-pin ATX square connector. The 4-pin ATX power cable is used for Pentium 4 and above processors. Since you have an Intel Core2 Quad, you have one. You may have a FAN 1 and FAN 2 connector also)

(Harddrive power connector is a SATA power cable. Is thin, and long. There are 15 pin contacts inside it. The 7-pin, 90% bent elbow is the DATA connector. Also called Signal cable. It is not a power cable. You have a SATA harddrive)

This link explains the various power cables,


Now go to the back of the computer. Since you have the computer open, you can see the power supply. It's a rectangular box shape. There are four Philips head screws you remove from the back to start to take it out. Two at the top, two at the bottom. One of the bottom one's is more to the inside.

Come around now to the inside of the computer. Computer manufacturers use various methods to secure the power supply in place. Older ones just used those four outside screws, and maybe one on the inside to a strip of metal on the power supply.

Newer computers have evolved from this.
Some use a plastic locking device, to secure the power supply inside the computer case. The device has a plastic arm which is gently eased down past a lock tab, then the arm is swung to the outside. (Watch it! Advise holding your hand underneath as it may fall!)

Some use metal for the above device.
Some have a sliding lock. Usually made of plastic. The power supply has a tab of flat metal at the outside top. The sliding lock holds the tab up.

The manufacturers information about the power supply may be on a sticker, or label on the side of the power supply, or it may be up on top.
You have to drop the power supply way down to see it, or remove the power supply fro better clarity.

IF you see - ATX12V2.X on the label, you have just a plain Ol' ATX power supply. (The X stands for whatever version it is. 2.0 is an older version. Went to 2.1, and so on)

Your concern is the shape, and size of the power supply, the needed power cables to match what you have, and the needed Wattage.

(There is one more area of concern that I should mention. Didn't want to make this seem complicated.
Computers use various voltages. They use 3.3 Volts, 5 Volts, and 12 Volts. They are going away from using 3.3 Volts.
A computer power supply delivers these voltages.
1.The Orange insulated wires deliver 3.3 Volts
2.Red is 5 Volts
3.Yellow is 12 Volts

There are 3 Main power RAILS used in a power supply. The voltages mentioned above use these. The Main one to be concerned with is the 12 Volt Power Rail.

Current is measured in Amperes. Amp's for short. It is an A used on a power supply label.
12V32A is 12 Volts at 32 Amp's.

IF, you will be using a powerful graphics card in the future, you need enough 12 Volt Amps for the graphics card, and the rest of the computer system.

The OCZ StealthXStream 600W put's out 728.8 Watts if needed, and reliably. Reliably meaning it won't burn up, and will keep on working for a Long time. (If you keep it,and the inside of your computer clean. Use compressed air for computers in a can)

Has FOUR - 12 Volt power rails. Each one is capable of 18Amps.
You can total that up to 72Amps!

Has all the power cables you'll need, and more for the future if you need them.

Not supposed to advertise for a company, but I'm sold on this power supply!
Just my Opinion.
If there is power on the lead to the power supply check to see if the mouse light is on or any other attachments with a light if there is know other light then more then likely the power supply is dead
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