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\015 My motherboard is old AOpen mx46. the problem is, can i use ddr2 on my motherboard? the 1st RAM of my pc is 128MB. but i dont know whether it s DDR or DDR2, because i already gave it to my friends after my others friends give me a new 512MB. i used the ram for 6 months. I dont know whether the RAM was ddr or ddr2, then i bring the RAM as a sample to buy a new one. then the sales person said that it is DDR, so i buyed it. i was very frustrated because ddr is more expensive then ddr2. when i back home, i reffered on the motherboard manual guide. i saw that it stated the motherboard use DDR266 184pin which i think it means DDR2 RAM. so weird, its freakin n confused me out. cause now my motherboard still alive now tih the ddr RAM. can my motherboard use ddr2 instead of ddr? i want to upgrade my RAM to 1GB, but the riddle off ddr were still playing on my mind...\015

Answers :

DDR 266 is DDR, not DDR 2 . The 266 is the frequency value in Mhz.

Try having the memory refunded or resell it on Ebay, so that you do not lose your money.

Here is supported memory, many older motherboards do not accept modules of over 512Mb each, ask to the seller:

\015\012PC2100 Memory DDR266 DDR-266 184-Pin Upgrade (266MHz) Memory Upgrades
\015\012 Ya definaitly your thinking is wright... you go with ddr2 ram for your pc..
\015\012thank you.
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DDR 266 is DDR, not DDR 2 . The 266 is the frequency value in Mhz.Try having the memory refunded or resell it on Ebay, so that you do not lose your money.Here is supported memory, many older motherboards do not accept modules ... PC Desktops

Hi..I have an Acer Veriton 3600GT Celeron, 2.8Ghz, 512 Mb Ram, 80 Gb HDD. I was just wondering does anyone know if its DDR or DD2 RAM and how does one find what type of RAM it is? Thanks

The Acer Veriton 3600GT Celeron has a DDR RAM. DDR2 memory modules are not backward-compatible with DDR,\015\012due to incompatible pin configurations, core voltage, and memory chip\015\012technology. DDR2 modules are designed with a diff ... Acer Veriton 3600GT PC Desktop

Can I put different types of RAM on a motherboard?

Not different types per se, but you may be able to put different speeds.\015\012 Type would be like DDR Sdram ... PC Desktops

Acer Aspire E360, Need new Motherboard, cpu and powersupply

If you're going to replace the Mobo, Processor, and PSU, you may as well as replace the computer case, also. Another $50 USD will buy you a decent computer case. (Seen this? http://www.directron.com/cs888uvbl.html ) ... Acer Aspire E360 PC Desktop

Is DDR2 Compactible with gigabyte 81845ge-rz motherboard?

No. If the current RAM is DDR, then DDR2 will not work.\015\012The slots are slightly different, and the DDR2 won't even fit into a DDR slot. ... PC Desktops

I would like to install more RAM on an evesham desktop PC. There is no tech support now - how do I determine what spec RAM to buy?

What Ram u are using SDRAM? DDR? or DDR2?try to open ur desktop cpu casing then and there is a label in the memory if it is a SDRAM? or DDR? or DDR2? caution!!!!put the exact memory!!! read if it is SDRAM? or DDR or DDR2 ... Evesham PC Desktops

How to install 2+GB memory in hp dv6338?There are a few different posts on various forums that it's possible. I'm interested in upgrading to windows 7. How do i install more memory?>

Your system (dv6338) can support up to 4GB of memory when running Windows 7. However, you need to determine some basic information about your computer's memory before upgrading. This is what I recommend you do:1. Shut down the computer. ... HP Pavilion dv6000z Notebook

Will a DDR Ram work with a DDR2 Video card?

The on board memory on the graphics card being DDR2 will NOT affect the system memory being DDR.And the memory you want to add depends on the memory you have allready installed on your machine and what version of windows you are running. ... Gateway 5200XL PC Desktop


English is understood here. Read your user manual or search for a download on the Internet. http://www.msi.com/index.php?func=downloaddetail&type=manual&maincat_no=1&prod_no=234"Main Memory• Supports two memor ... NEC I/O Plate for Motherboard

I want to now which ram is used for dell latitude 640, latitude 520, latitude 430, latitude 420 and inspiron 2200 is it ddr2 or ddr1 and max capicity for upgrade

Here are the max memory and speeds:Lat C640 is Max 512M per stick DDR-266 (PC2100) or DDR333 ( PC2700 ) for a total of 1024 MegLat D520 is either 2 or 4 Meg total. DDR2-667 ( PC2-5300 )Although the memory can be installed one ... Dell Latitude C640 Notebook

Few questions about RAM memory?

Solution:i)  LOW DENSITY modules have 100% compatiility with ALL systems and ALL chipsets.    HIGH DENSITY modules only have 10% compatibility    here compatablity means LOW DENSITY R ... Compaq Presario SR1120NX 2.66GHZ Tower w/ CD-RW (2018267632) PC Desktop

Ram issue with compaq presario 5000 G1 Series

As you can see from the information below there are different requirements for RAM to work stable in your system . Most importand are the RAM VOLTAGE , SPEED , and Configuration of chips. you will need to consult the manual for qualified RAM requi ... Compaq Presario 5000 PC Desktop

Ddr and ddr2

Hi!good pm...hope this will help...check your ram/memory physically,you will see a stickers or indicators regarding the specs of your ram/memory...sample specs (512 MB PC 400 DDR)Goodluck! ... AMD Sempron 2400+, 1.667 GHz (sda2400box) Processor in a Box (PIB)

Xp takes 5min to load

Yes and no.\015\012\015\012Yes it would be faster and stop freezing on you if you have more RAM, but thats asuming you have at least the bare minimum.\015\012\015\012Windows XP can run on as little as 256MB i have seen it, but ... Dell Dimension 2400 PC Desktop

Memory can ddr2 memory be installed on a motherboard that specs say "DDR 333/400 MHz dual channel"? Motherboard is a Foxconn C51GU01. If it can be done will it be an improvement over the DDR 400MHz memory I have now? OS is XP sp3.

Hello.\015\012Of course it would be a great improvement, but unfortunatelly you can't install DDR2 in DDR slots, they are different and even if you could make it fit they have a big difference in architecture.\015\012i'm sorry, it wont w ... Gateway GM5084 PC Desktop

I need help with what ram sticks i can use

According to your manual for the motherboard the ddr1 and ddr2 are just the slots being labeled.The motherboard supports only DDR memory and you can use either one stick of memory or two sticks of memory, its your choice.You c ... PC Desktops

Is the PNY DDR2 PC2-5200 compatible with DELL Dimension Dim 4700 Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4CPU 2.806GHZ 2.79GHZ 512 mb of RAM?

Hello Inelson002,Unfortunately, the Dell Dimnsion 4700 does not accept the new DDR2 standard for memory modules. You can only use DDR RAM.See ... PC Desktops

I removed the old memory and installed 4 1GB cards and the computer doesn't work? Help.

Adding new memory can be tricky. First the new memory has to be compatible with the motherboard.\015\012By that I mean, you need to know how much memory the motherboard can max out at.Can it take only 2 GB or 4GB etc. And it has to be a match t ... Dell Dimension E521 AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 3600+ , 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM , 250 GB EIDE SATA H... PC Desktop

1gb ddr2 ram is read as 512mb after upgrade from DDR. Also no system sound or audio is heard all drivers are working - mani

Ddr=ddr only not ddr2, u may damage ur board pemantly,in bios it shows 512mb or in xp?,it will be because of board incopmpatibilty but the peformance will be as 1gd ram. ... PC Desktops

IBM IntelliStation Z Pro 6221NNG upgrade possiblity

This: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/get/system-requirements.aspx is a link to the system requiements. As for memory, I ... IBM IntelliStation Z Pro 6221 PC Desktop

How do I open it up to install new RAM?

Well on any generic computer case there is 2-3 screws that hold on the side panel to get access to the motherboard and the accessories inside.\015\012\015\012the ram is the long sticks that usually has 2-4 slots and look like little computer chips si ... Sony VAIO PCV-RZ40C1B PC Desktop


DDR2 is not same as DDR\015\012\015\012you need a 1GB ddr 333mhz ... NEC Versa VX Notebook

Adding memory to my Gateway M675 - problem with new card

Both DDR and DDR2 come in pc3200. You bought DDR2 when you needed DDR. ... Gateway M675 Notebook

RAM compatability I have a Sony VAIO and want to upgrade my RAM a second time. I've already upgraded once and the disc I installed then is a DDR PC2-5300. This time around I consulted Sony.com, which advises that I install a DDR2 PC-3200 400 MHz disc. My question is, does it matter that one disc is a DDR PC2-5300 and the other will be a DDR2 PC-3200? Are they compatible? What is the difference between these two types of disc?

The clock speed on the 5300 is higher however when installed with a 3200 the 5300 will "clock down" to the 3200 speed.  They are both compatible in this situation.   ... PC Laptops

New Motherboard for Sony VAIO-RX550

I just bought the same box, mostly for the case, power supply, etc, to use as a small server.\015\012Three ARE 2 ram slots, but this motherborad IS limited to 512mb total. And it uses SDRAMM PC133 or 100, not SO DIMM - incompatible. PC133 SDR ... Sony VAIO Digital Studio PCV-RX550 PC Desktop
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