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Emachine t1840 wiring diagram power switch wire to mother board ?

\015 I have emachine t1840 i just replaced the power supply and i had unplugged the front panel form the mother board i didn't mean to, but i cant see to find the right pins to reconnect it back , so i cant get my pc to turn on, please if you have photos of where the wires plugs or show me how, i think that my be the problem why my pc wont come on . there is 3 wires 1- power switch wire black and white, hdd light red and black, and power led its green and white, please help diagram plz\015

Answers :

Because there are so many different case and motherboard combinations\015\012sometimes it can be difficult following the instructions for connecting\015\012the front panel, USB header and audio header.
\015\012Below is a few generic guide that should stop some of the confusion with the labels on the wires.
\015\012Front Panel Audio
\015\012***Please note this is a generic wiring guide and we\015\012can not guarantee it will work with every motherboard. Please check\015\012your motherboard manual first. Wiring the headers wrong can cause\015\012damage to the motherboard and case, this damage is not covered by the\015\012warranty***
\015\012another handy USB wiring guide can be found here http://www.directron.com/installusb.html
\015\012this maybe easier to follow
\015\012 __
\015\012 
\015\012Pin Wire
\015\0121) Mic In
\015\0122) GND (ground) or if 2xGND available, it’s the GND for the headphones, NOT the Mic
\015\0123) Mic BIAS
\015\0124) n/c
\015\0125) Speaker Right Out
\015\0126) Speaker Right Return
\015\0127) n/c
\015\0128) no pin (n/c)
\015\0129) Speaker Left Out
\015\01210) Speaker Left Return
\015\012n/c = not connected
\015\012USB (F_USB1 and also F_USB2)
\015\012 
\015\012  x
\015\012Top row of pins
\015\0122 = USB port 2 : VCC/Power/+5V
\015\0124 = USB port 2 : Data -/D-
\015\0126 = USB port 2 : Data +/D+
\015\0128 = USB port 2 : Ground/GND
\015\01210 = USB port 2 : pin present, but not connected to anything.
\015\012Bottom row of pins
\015\0121 = USB port 1 : VCC/Power/+5V
\015\0123 = USB port 1 : Data -/D-
\015\0125 = USB port 1 : Data +/D+
\015\0127 = USB port 1 : Ground/GND
\015\0129 = USB port 1 : no pin present
\015\012Front Panel Connector (FP1)
\015\0121 2
\015\012 x 
\015\012 
\015\012 
\015\012 
\015\012 
\015\0129 10
\015\0121 = no pin present
\015\0123 & 5 = Power Switch
\015\0127 & 9 = Power LED (light)
\015\0122 = pin present, but not connected to anything.
\015\0124 & 6 = Reset Switch
\015\0128 = 10 = Hard Drive LED (light)
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Emachine t1840 wiring diagram power switch wire to mother board ?

Because there are so many different case and motherboard combinations\015\012sometimes it can be difficult following the instructions for connecting\015\012the front panel, USB header and audio header.\015\012\015\012Below is a few generi ... PC Desktops

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