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Bad power supply, installed new one, get green light on mother board; but doesn't boot up. Bad start up button?

\015 Emachine T3958 died. Installed new power supply, green light on motherboard; but it doesn't boot up. Could this be the start button?\015

Answers :

Yes, it is my belief that it is the Power On button. To test this, there is a simple solution. I however, would like to caution you at this point.
You will have the power supply plugged in. There will be a small spark. I wouldn't advise how to test the Power On switch, if I thought your safety would be compromised in any way. I just wanted to forewarn you of what you're dealing with.

You have a 20-pin or 24-pin motherboard power cable. It is the longest power connector in your computer, and plugs into the motherboard. (Not trying to insult your intelligence. I just simplify my answers, so there is no mistaking what information I put out)

This connector remains plugged into the motherboard. Where the wires go into this connector, is the backside of the connector. If you look closely at this connector, you will see those wires go down into individual socket holes. All the way down in each socket hole, is a metal terminal. The metal terminal is attached to the wire. It is a female terminal, and goes over a metal pin on the motherboard.

What I wish you to do, is to make a jumper wire, and stick the ends of this wire, down into two socket holes.
This jumper wire should be made of a thick wire, with insulation on it. It should be about three inches long. Strip about 3/4ths of an inch of insulation, from each end of the wire. Give each end a little twist, so that there are no strands of wire sticking out. Just a nice solid end. Bend this jumper wire into a U-shape.

You are going to stick one end of this jumper wire, down into a socket hole, and hold it there. You will then take the other end of the wire, and stick it into another socket hole, but just briefly. Just a momentary contact of about two seconds, or less. This is where there will be a little spark. Just enough, that if I didn't warn you about it ahead of time, you might freak out.

You will see a Green insulated wire going down into the 20 or 24 pin connector. You will see a Black wire next to it.
The Green wire is one socket hole that the jumper wire Must go down into. You can pick ANY Black wire. ALL the Black wires are Ground wires. That's why you can use any one of them.
The Green wire is the Soft Power On wire.

The link below will show you an average 20-pin ATX main power cable. I just referred to it as the 20-pin motherboard power cable, above, for ease of reference. Hoping you may recognize it by that description, better.
The photo all the way to the right, on this page, shows you the Green wire I'm speaking of. You can see the Black wires also.

You may wish to wear rubber dishwashing gloves, on your hands as you do this. It isn't all that bad, but I just thought this might make you feel safer. There are some people that do this procedure with a paper clip, and tape wrapped around the middle. I don't advise this.

If you take this jumper wire, and stick it way down in the sockets, so that you're sure it's touching the metal terminal down in there, and the power supply doesn't turn on, then you have problems with the power supply. Check the surge protector the power supply cord is plugged into.
Just because you see a power on light that is lit up, on the surge protector, Don't assume it's okay. You need to check THE receptacle the computer is plugged into. I use a table lamp for this.

I have had, where everything else was getting power from a surge protector, and not the computer. Turned out to be One bad receptacle in that surge protector.

Also, since your computer uses an Intel Celeron D 340 processor, make sure the 4-pin ATX power cable from the power supply, is plugged into the motherboard. It will have a female socket on the motherboard, and have -> CPU, next to it. (Square design plug. 2x 2 sockets in it. Has two Yellow wires, and two Black wires. The Yellow wires are 12 volt wires)
This is power for the processor. The computer will not boot up, unless this power cable is plugged in.
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