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Computer Freezes While Scanning the Computer

\015 Hi. I don't know why, but I began having BSOD since February, but it turned out that a faulty memory module was doing it. So I had it replaced with a new one. And it's just after the new modules were installed, I started experiencing random freezes. It used to happen every now and then earlier, but now my PC freezes only when I scan it with some Antivirus. I tried all the good antivirus programs namely, NOD32 4.0, Norton 2009, BitDefender 2009 and been using Avast currenly. I am really confused here. And oh, I've run the memtest overnight and it gave me no faults. Also, I have checked my hard disk thoroughly with the Seagate's Sea Tools hard drive checking utility. And I haven't overclocked anything except my graphics processor. But I believe that's not related to my problem, because I just manually overclock it when I need to play games on my PC. And my hard disk is running at an average temparature of 58 degrees. Also, I keep my PC turned on all day.\015\012\015\012Here is some information about my Computer. \015\012\015\012OS: Windows Vista Home Premium x64 Edition\015\012GPU: Nvidia 8800GTS\015\012Processor: Intel Core2Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz\015\012Hard-Disk: Maxtor 250x2 SATA HDD\015\012RAM: 4GB DDR2 SDRAM\015\012\015\012Thank you so much for reading. Any help would be really great!\015\012\015\012Sundip Sharma\015\012New Delhi, India\015

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Suggest your anti-virus programs are a bunch of junk. Not trying to be offense. 'Google' -> Norton problems on the internet. Makes you want to run away quickly!
Avast? Couldn't cure a problem if it was standing knee deep in it! BItDefender? No way!

I'll stop there. There's no good to be accomplished by negative comments.

Want to get rid of some problems? Get rid of all and any of those anti-virus programs!
Norton doesn't 'Play nice' with other anti-virus software anyway.

Try using the free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
Info about Malwarebytes on Wikipedia.org,
Download page for the free version of Malwarebytes,

As for the random freezes, I believe that can be directly attributed to the new ram modules, don't you?
The new ram modules may not have the correct chip density, or chip configuration, for your motherboard. This is going by the fact that you have the correct type, and 'speed'. (Frequency Rate)
For the best performance and no issues, it is advised to use all ram module of the same 'speed'

Example: If your computer supports DDR2 at 667MHz, (PC2-5300), and also supports DDR2 at 800MHz, (PC2-6400) don't install modules of both 'speeds'. Install only one frequency rate of ram module.
As for checking if it has the correct chip density, and chip configuration, you'll have to rely on what ram module sellers recommend. OR, go into the motherboard manufacturer, and see what ram modules they recommend. If you dig deep enough, they will have this info.
(DRAM chip density, chip configuration, ram timings, and so on. Voltage standards for ram memory has been set by JEDEC since DDR Sdram. Doesn't mean anything if you are using high performance ram. For example: JEDEC voltage for DDR2 Sdram is 1.8 volts DC. Your BIOS Setup is set to use 1.8 volts as the default setting. You come along with some high performance ram that uses 2.1 volts
There starts your problems. You have to go into your BIOS Setup, and manually set the voltage up to 2.1 volts.

THIS, is if your motherboard Doesn't have EPP, (Enhanced Performance Profiles), AND it isn't enabled in BIOS, AND the ram modules don't have the EPP option.
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Computer Freezes While Scanning the Computer

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