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We ahve a Sun blade 1000 that loads the OS directories in a incorrect order. Fsck doesn't correct this order when going from single user to multi. Will be correct in single user but not in multi. the directory TT_DB show in the wrong place in both root and var.

Answers :

As per ther problem you mentioned the details say its the clear problem of motherboard because all other versions you mentioned above were working properly as you said only this two sunblade created problem.if the power supply is faulty none of the other would have loaded and worked but if the mother board is faulty this can happen .so get the board checked first to locate the short in the board or its the bios upgradation problem so get it updated.but if in the repair center the board seems to be faulty then replacing the mother board is the only solution because many a times the faulty board never gets repaired .\015\012thank you for using fixya.\015\012thanks.
If the Solaris loads directories in wrong order, try using fmadm Command line tool you can change the behavior of fmd and loading order of modules.

The fmadm utility can view, load, and unload modules and\015\012view and update the resource cache. It provides system administrators with a\015\012way to display every resource that fmd(1M) believes to be\015\012faulty. The most common fmadm(1M) subcommands (see the\015\012fmadm(1M) man page for complete details) are:
  • config: Display the configuration, including the module name,\015\012version, and description of each component module.
  • \015\012
  • faulty [-ai]: Display the list of resources currently\015\012believed to be faulted. The FMRI, resource state, and UUID of the diagnosis are listed for each resource. By default, the fmadm faulty command only lists output for resources that are currently present and faulty. If the -a option is\015\012specified, all resource information cached by the fault manager is listed,\015\012including information for components no longer present in the system. If the\015\012-i option is specified, the persistent cache identifier for each\015\012resource in the fault manager is shown instead of the most recent state and\015\012UUID.
  • \015\012
  • load path: Load the specified module. The specified path must be an absolute path and refer to a module present in one of the defined directories for\015\012modules.
  • \015\012
  • unload module: Unload the specified module. The module name\015\012is that specified in the fmadm config output. The fault manager\015\012usually loads and unloads modules automatically based on the system\015\012configuration, so this command should be seldom used.
  • \015\012
  • rotate errlog | fltlog: Schedule a rotation of the specified\015\012fault manager log file. The log files are automatically rotated by an entry\015\012in the logadm(1M) configuration file that uses this\015\012subcommand.
\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012The fmdump(1M) program enables the system administrator to view\015\012any log files associated with fmd(1M) and retrieve specific\015\012details of any diagnosis. By default the fmdump(1M) command shows\015\012the fault log, but will show the error log if given the -e\015\012command-line switch. The fmdump(1M) command can also take command\015\012line options to select only certain events (see the fmdump(1M)\015\012man page for complete details):
  • -c class: Select events that match the specified class.
  • \015\012
  • -t time: Select events that occurred on or after the specified\015\012time.
  • \015\012
  • -T time: Select events that occur on or before the specified\015\012time.
  • \015\012
  • -U UUID: Select events that match the specified UUID.
\015\012\015\012Increasingly verbose output can be obtained for any command by specifying\015\012-v or -V.

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We ahve a Sun blade 1000 that loads the OS directories in a incorrect order. Fsck doesn't correct this order when going from single user to multi. Will be correct in single user but not in multi. the directory TT_DB show in the wrong place in both root and var.

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