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Quick start guide for New Experts

\015 The DO's and DON'Ts of becoming a FixYa TOP EXPERT\015

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If you are new to FixYa this guide will help you get under way

Some DO's and DONT's for Experts to succeed

1.Before you start\015\012answering premium posts, DO read thoroughly the Expert Terms of\015\012Service, the FixYa Expert Agreement, the Expert FAQ, and also the Payment Program FAQ. If you have any questions or need\015\012advice, ask questions in this post, but if you have not read them, you\015\012will be sent there anyway to read them, so PLEASE just read them.

2.Select only fields of expertise that you are an expert in. This will get you started with confidence.

3.Do\015\012as many "free" solutions as you can, get used to the process of\015\012providing support. This is essential to make it in the Premium system

4.Don't\015\012try and provide answers about things you do not understand. Its simple. It is\015\012all about experts. If you are a good problem solver, then there is a\015\012huge future for you here. Please refrain from trying to answer\015\012questions you have no knowledge of.

5.Jump on as many chats as\015\012you can, but READ THE CUSTOMERS PROBLEM FIRST. Only open those you have some experience\015\012on. This is what the client is expecting when you come on line.

6.Ask\015\012for reviews of your postings from other Top Experts , then take on board any\015\012advice tendered. They will always give you a fair and reasonable\015\012answer, so please don't then become offended if you are told your\015\012solutions need more work.

7.Do not abuse or discredit other\015\012experts solution. There will always be opinions on who is right and\015\012wrong, but keep it technical and directly based on the\015\012problem/solutions given. Just engage in conversation using the ASK\015\012feature, and try to sort it out. If it gets messy, then go to the\015\012lounge for open discussion if you feel that a wrong must be corrected or you want more opinions.

8.Do\015\012not engage in "place holding" tactics with one liner no solution\015\012content answers. You may think that there is an advantage to be gained\015\012by this, but in reality there is not. The client will just pass over\015\012any place holding posts, in turn ignoring any future comments you may\015\012have, making it harder to get accepted for a premium job.

9.If\015\012you are noticed using illegal tactics in the pursuit of Premium\015\012Payments, you may be ASKED about it by another expert, this "ASK" then\015\012goes into the rank and file with the other free jobs, so everyone gets\015\012to see it. That is unless of course you answer in defence of your\015\012activities immediately.

10.Use understandable polite English only.\015\012If your spelling, vocabulary or grammar is not good, it may become very\015\012hard for people to clearly understand your solution, or you to\015\012correctly understand their problem. Use a spell checker plugin that checks as you type.\015\012SMS TXT speak, shortened words, and acronyms are hard for most people\015\012to understand so do not use them. If you have problems here, it may\015\012mean contributing to premium posts where customers are paying is not the place for\015\012you. We all learned English at some point, so just learn some more if you\015\012find communication difficult in the solution threads.

11.Cutting\015\012and pasting from copyrighted websites is strictly forbidden. Although\015\012the solution to a problem may not have a copyright on it, the body of\015\012work written describing that solution does have a copyright to the\015\012producer of the work. This sort of practice is plagerism and will lead\015\012to IP banning,\015\012particularly when you have cut and pasted word for word from another\015\012website. your solutions must be in your own words as detailed in the\015\012Expert Terms of Service. Public forums are often wrong and just\015\012opinion, and in some cases are not copyrighted, but you should check\015\012before using info from these sites.

12.Do\015\012not give out your personal details, email, IM address or contact info.\015\012Admin have forbidden this practice and banned people for doing it.

13. If you want to post a tip then go to My Products page or browse to the product support page,select the product you wish to write a Tip about, then\015\012scroll down and click on "Post a new tip for this product". You cannot edit them once posted so it is a good idea to use a word processor to edit it first. DO NOT cut and paste copyrighted material. Be aware\015\012that tips will also fetch you votes or ratings so post a good tip and\015\012increase your rating..
\015\01214.If we all work to a set of standards to maintain the integrity of solutions then great things will come.
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- Provide details, support with references or personal experience .
- If you need clarification, ask it in the comment box .
- It's 100% free, no registration required.

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Quick start guide for New Experts

If you are new to FixYa this guide will help you get under waySome DO's and DONT's for Experts to succeed1.Before you start\015\012answering premium posts, DO read thoroughly the Expert Terms of\015\012Service, the FixYa Expe ... Computer Utilities & Maintenance

Turn off without warnning.

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REALLY... CAN ANYONE OF THESE EXPERTS HELP ME? HERE IS ALL THE INFO ABOUT MY motherboard and socket. ht2000 mcp61pm-am rev1 15-v01-011000 it came with the gate way brad model numbergt5453e. that should be amd 64x2 socket am2 4 slots fr ram pci pcie i can't ind a proper manual for this thing anywhere i need to know what it is capable of i need a digram to show what everything is and what it does, also 2nd questiom what determines if you have a 32 0r 64 bit system? what can i do to upgrade to a

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I would like a manual so that i may use my new computer, i am on a friends computer

I'm not aware of a Gateway NV500 Series line, of Notebook PC's.I would like you to look on the bottom of your Gateway laptop, for the exact model number.Are you referring to the Gateway NV5207U? It's part of the Gateway NV50 S ... PC Laptops

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Important If you follow these steps on a hard disk that is not empty, all the data on that hard disk is permanently deleted. We recommend that you back up your hard disk before you follow these steps.To partition and format your hard disk by us ... PC Desktops

I have just purchased a new computer . The company that built it have installed the Win Fast TV card however they have missplaced the software disc and I can not run it .They removed the card from my old machine and put it into the new computer. The program we will need to installto is Windows Vista Home Basic. My name is Peter Andrews email [email protected] I still have the quick installation guide with the code numbers on it .Please can you help . Regards Peter.

Hi peter try here for them see if this is the right one Download WinFast Tv Tuner WinFast TV2 ... PC Desktops

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How to install xp in HP Pavilion dv6 1030 us Laptop and how to repartition my C: drive especially I have still 150 GB free space in C drive Please help me in this case Thanks in advance.

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Hello,What you are seeing is the infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)When you power on your machine start taping the F8 key. You may get a boot from screen with your hard drive listed, CDROM, etc.Press ESC to continue and pres ... Dell OptiPlex GX620 PC Desktop

Bluetooth I have just bought an acer aspire 5536 laptop and I just wanted to know if bluetooth was available on it as I read the quick guide and when I pressed the button to activate the bluetooth it comes up with a red cross on it. Does this mean that this model does not support this function?

NO. You need to activate it before use.Press the "Bluetooth" button found just above the keyboard. The LED above the button should illuminate.\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\012 ... Acer Aspire 5535-5050 Notebook

I need to get a new copy of the instruction manual

Here you go. This link has both the Quick Start and the User's guide. ... PC Desktops

Acer eRecovery Management

Ok one thing for u , actually there is a hidden partition on factory hard disk that holds OS files from Acer ok so u can access this partition to restore ur OS like this pls try if it works it works for Acer notebooks sure it will work for desktop as ... PC Desktops

Philips 6185 GoGear audio video player


Singlle long beep on booting up my Biostar M7NCDPro motherboard with nothing on screen

If you get one continuous beep (Long and Non-Stop) \015\012\015\012This could happen if:\015\0121. The Power supply is damaged or bad. \015\0122. The BIOS is corrupted. Try resetting the CMOS using JCMOS1 jumper on the motherboard o ... PC Desktops

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