Having problems with your Gateway T-1625 Notebook ?

Gateway T-1625 overheating

\015 After my laptop has been on for less than 30 minutes, the fan starts blowing heat air. It just gets hotter though out the day. My machine is only about a year old.\015

Answers :

Get a can of compressed air, some dust may have accumulated in the heatsink causing it to overheat faster. Blow into the vents on the back or bottom of the laptop it should help.
Laptops have a poor cooling system.

All of the hardware components for a laptop are crammed into one tiny box.
Add to this that the Air Intake Duct for a laptop is either on the bottom, or side of a laptop.
This makes an excellent path for the 'inhaling' of foreign debris.
Dust, Dirt, Hair, Food crumbs, you name it, is readily sucked up.

The Air Intake Duct narrows down to a Cooling Tube. Makes a funnel effect. The Cooling Tube goes to a Heatsink, and there is a small fan on top of the heatsink.

As the foreign debris collects, the cooling capacity drops tremendously.
The Cooling Tube, Heatsink, and Fan clog up.

Using a can of compressed air for computers is an excellent suggestion. Break off the plastic tab on top of the can, insert the plastic 'straw'.
Remove the AC adapter, (Charger) if plugged in, and remove the battery.

There must be NO electricity to the laptop, when using the can of air!

Hold the laptop up on it's side, and blow air towards the Air Intake Duct. You do not want to blow air into the Exhaust Duct. Check before you start, as to which opening is the Air Intake Duct.

Start by bring the straw about a finger length away from the Air Intake Duct grille. Start at the top, and go across. Squeeze the trigger in all the way as you start, let go of the trigger once you reach the other side. It's just like you're spray painting.
Drop down a row, and go across again.
How far you drop down to make the next row is up to you. You'll have a pretty good idea, and it will be just fine.

Once you reach the bottom, go back up to the top. This time bring the plastic straw right up against the grille. Use Short Bursts now.
A Short Burst is squezzing the trigger in all the way, but letting go quick.
You want to use Short Bursts now, because the air pressure coming out of the can of air, can spin the small fan inside too fast.
It can spin the fan faster than it was designed for.

Spinning the fan faster than it was designed for, can lead to premature failure of the fan's bearings. The fan will quit before it's time.

Once you're satisfied that the Air Intake Duct is clean, I invite you to set the side edge of the laptop up on a book. Let it sit for ten minutes. This gives it time to dry out in case any of the propellant came out of the can of air.

Now reinsert the battery first, then attach the AC adapter.
When using the can of air for a bit, you'll notice it seems to slow down in air pressure. This is because the air is coming out so fast, that the moisture in the outside air freezes. You'll notice frost develops on the outside/top of the can.
Just let the can of air sit for about ten minutes, then you can pick it up, and continue. This gives the can of air a chance to warm up.

I advise you to keep the laptop on a flat hard surface when using it.
I know it's a -> Laptop, but your clothes, bed coverings, etc, can block the Air Intake Duct.
I would also like to suggest that you look into getting a Cooling Pad.
This helps to keep the laptop cool, and is a flat hard surface.
Cooling Pads have fans in them. There are types that use battery power, or plug into the laptop, or types that plug into a surge protector.

There are expensive Cooling Pads, and inexpensive Cooling Pads. An inexpensive will do the job just fine.
Here are examples,


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